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From Alpha to Zero: How Business Architecture Helps Organizations Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Guest starring: Raj Ramesh

By Whynde Kuehn | 17 December 2018

Business architecture is front and center to helping organizations prepare for a digital future. In this installment of StraightTalk, we spoke with Dr. Raj Ramesh, who gives us the straight talk on how business architecture can help organizations to harness this artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. This post is based on our recent interview with him. […]

You Complete Me: How Business Architecture and Business Process Fit Together

By Whynde Kuehn | 3 December 2018

In this installment of StraightTalk, we will explore another BFF of business architecture: business process. There is a great passion for both of these disciplines and how they work together. If we were using the Scoville Heat Index (a.k.a. chili pepper scale), this topic would be hot, hot, hot (say a Red Savina Habanero). These two […]