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Let’s Get This Party Started

(a.k.a. How to Start a Business Architecture Practice)

By Whynde Kuehn | 15 May 2017

Knowing what business architecture is: Check. Knowing why we do it: Check. Knowing where it fits within the strategy execution life cycle: Double Check. Knowing where to start: Not so much. So where do we start then? Starting business architecture within an organization can be a fairly organic process, but there are a proven set […]

The Strategy Execution Metanoia

(a.k.a. Translating Strategy Into Action With Business Architecture)

By Whynde Kuehn | 1 May 2017

“Houston, we have a problem.” “Uh, this is Houston. Uh, say again please.” We have a strategy execution problem. Remember that whole deal in Post No. 2 about how constant change is the new normal as customer expectations increase and the external environment evolves at an escalating pace? That means the ability for organizations to […]