Service Offerings

S2E offers comprehensive business consulting services that include:

  • Streamlining the strategy execution life cycle from end-to-end, including optimizing the project and application portfolio management processes
  • Designing and planning major enterprise change initiatives from a business perspective, including digital transformations and mergers and acquisitions
  • Creating and maturing in-house business architecture practices
  • Getting started with basic business architecture concepts and training


Strategy Execution

Accelerate and increase the effectiveness of your business to:

  • Translate strategy
  • Conduct project portfolio management
  • Perform business transformations
  • Execute mergers and acquisitions


  • Executive Leaders


Business Architecture Practice Development

Establish and mature your internal business architecture capability by:

  • Building a knowledgebase
  • Applying business architecture for value
  • Developing your team and practice


  • Business Architecture Practice Directors
  • Business Architecture Practice Teams


Business Architecture Education

Learn the business architecture discipline and prepare for the role through:

  • Business Architecture Training
  • Accelerated Private Training
  • Business Architecture Webinars
  • Business Architecture Hand-On Experience


  • Business Architecture Practitioners