About S2E Transformation Inc.

Connecting strategy to execution at the enterprise level

What’s in a name? Everything! Our keystone concept strategy to execution is our namesake that resonates at S2E Transformation. We’re highly accomplished at performing major transformations and business designs that guide and accelerate the efforts of businesses. S2E looks at your organization holistically: we identify key drivers, prioritize the needs and develop a roadmap to guide business in a series of changes—in the right order, at the right time—to successfully execute your organization’s strategic vision.

Most organizations are in a state of constant strategy implementation, transformation and innovation. They face a common set of challenges as they execute upon these sweeping changes. How do we get the organization to align around a common vision of the future? How do we identify all of the business and IT changes that are necessary to make this vision real? How do we prioritize and sequence all of this work and align it with other planned and in-flight work? How do we ensure the solutions we deliver meet our original business intent and definition of success?

Many of these challenges arise from not having an enterprise level process in place to translate strategy into execution. In addition, business and IT architecture are often a missing link between strategy and execution. When in place, organizations can more easily take a top-down, cross-business unit and business-driven approach to designing and planning change, which then flows into a coordinated set of actions for downstream business and IT execution. This results in increased speed to market for strategic and operational changes, and the ability to ensure the organization is focused on the highest priorities. It also provides a way to quickly reprioritize and re-plan initiatives on an ongoing basis to adjust for the constant flow of change.

Strategy to Execution Diagram
The ability to move strategy into action, and constantly innovate and adapt to change, has now become competitive advantage in itself. The organizations that can execute in a coordinated way—and with agility—will win.


“No organization can win if its parts are not all aligned to execute the same strategy and achieve the same goals. Even the “perfect” strategy within a competitively advantaged business model will ultimately fail if the organization is not fully aligned internally and does not understand how to execute the strategy, or if it works at cross-purposes.”

Rick Kash and David Calhoun How Companies Win (2010)
66% of HR and IT organizations develop strategic plans that are not linked to the enterprise strategy.
Source: Robert Kaplan, Harvard Business Review
95% of employees in most organizations do not understand their organization’s strategy.
Source: Ibid.