Strategy to Reality Series

Good strategy execution, or the ability to translate and implement business direction quickly and effectively across an organization, has never been more critical than it is now. The ability to sense and respond to change and maximize precious resources is essential to ensure that an organization will not only survive but thrive. This Strategy to Reality article series explores key challenges organizations face and how to turn strategy execution into a competitive advantage.

Increase Both Your Business Revenue and Customer Service Experience by Connecting Silos

16 November 2021

Silos can be necessary for organizations to operate and are in many ways just natural to how humans organize and behave. However, in some instances, silos can also be detrimental to an organization’s success. Silos can decrease the effectiveness of an organization. This article will explore the challenges with organizational silos and how business architecture is uniquely qualified to address them.

Translating Business Strategy into Execution using Business Architecture™

16 November 2021

A coach once told me that my word was “big”. It’s true. I love climbing mountains, physically and metaphorically. If there is one mountain I know, it is business architecture. I’ve literally been one of the few who pioneered it, explored it, and lived it from every angle imaginable. Being a Sherpa for this mountain, and guiding business architecture leaders and practitioners around the world to the top, has been one of my greatest honors.

9 Reasons Organizations Fail at Successful Strategy Execution

15 November 2021

Good Strategy Execution, or the ability to translate and implement business direction quickly and effectively, has never been more important than it is now. Change is the new normal and resources are precious. The ability to continually sense and respond to change ensures that an organization can continue to survive and thrive.