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Being Disruptive: The Connection Between Business Architecture and Innovation

By Whynde Kuehn | 19 November 2018

In this installment of StraightTalk, we will explore an often overlooked bestie of business architecture: innovation. These two disciplines can and should team up to enable an organization to fully benefit from its innovation activities. Doesn’t business architecture get in the way of innovation and slow it down? No. The idea that business architecture and […]

How to Implement Business Architecture Governance – Take 2

By Whynde Kuehn | 5 November 2018

In this installment of StraightTalk, we are further exploring a big, scary and loaded concept of business architecture governance. In Post No. 38, we took a practical look at what we should govern. In this post, we will look at how to implement the governance concepts we discussed previously. Here goes again. P.S. Post No. […]