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With today’s rapid pace of change, an organization’s ability to execute strategies and other business changes quickly and effectively has shifted from the realm of competitive advantage to essential for survival.

Enter S2E Transformation. We are the experts at optimizing your strategy execution from end-to-end, creating overall organizational agility and competitive advantage, or perhaps you just need to focus on certain activities, such as strategy translation or portfolio management. We take a top-down and business-driven approach to translate your objectives into comprehensive business and technology designs and priority initiatives that can be intelligently executed across business units.

You and your team can be confident in our experience and expertise, as we have worked across every aspect of the strategy execution life cycle – in fact, this concept is our namesake (strategy-to-execution or S2E).

S2E Transformation is the place to go for leadership and advisory on how to optimize end-to-end strategy execution and organizational agility, from a business-focused and architecture-led perspective.

Our Strategy Execution Offerings

End-to-End Strategy Execution

The strategic offerings below focus on your strategy execution life cycle holistically from end-to-end, to help you understand where you are today, what opportunities exist for improvement, and how you can get there.

Strategy Execution Assessment

A strategy execution maturity assessment focuses on the effectiveness of the end-to-end strategy execution life cycle, starting with strategy and objective formulation and translation, to business and IT initiative planning, through project execution. This comprehensive assessment provides an objective third-party perspective on your challenges and opportunities, both based on your internal priorities as well as industry best practices—everything from those related to iterative approaches to strategy, planning and execution to how teams should interact across the life cycle. Follow on with a Strategy Execution Advancement Roadmap to make the findings actionable.

Strategy Execution Advancement Roadmap

An executable roadmap to address challenges and leverage opportunities for optimizing strategy execution both at a macro level as well as for specific activities and teams. May be combined with a Strategy Execution Assessment.

Strategy Execution Business Case Development

Think case for a new vision for strategy execution. We customize a strategy execution business case to your organization’s unique challenges, opportunities, positioning, and dynamics. Also includes presenting briefings and performing other activities as needed to help you socialize and build advocacy for a business-driven, holistic approach to one of the most important activities that your organization can undertake.

Strategy Execution Consulting and Advisory Services

A flexible consulting arrangement to guide you with any aspect of optimizing strategy execution in your organization. This includes, but is not limited to, advisory calls, content review, deliverable creation, educational sessions or workshops.

Key Strategy Execution Activities

For each of our strategic offerings below, we provide assessments, facilitated workshops and/or management consulting. Our assessments are typically 1-2 weeks in duration. The end result includes detailed analysis and actionable recommendations. Our workshops are one or multi-day focused sessions that combine learning the art-of-the-possible as it applies to your organization.  The result: team collaboration and agreement on the future, and a concrete set of well-defined, actionable next steps. Our management consulting engagements range from ongoing advisory expertise to fully hands-on engagement.

Capability-Based Planning

Capability-Based Planning can include several different activities, such as an assessment, workshops and/or consulting that is focused on leveraging capabilities — and where possible, value streams — with the intention of prioritizing and planning from a business perspective. The outcome of these activities ensures that current and proposed initiatives are well aligned with strategic priorities, deliver customer and business value, and are rationalized appropriately across the entire enterprise.

Project Portfolio Management

An assessment, workshops and/or consulting focused on optimizing how initiatives are prioritized, scoped and tracked within and across portfolios and business units.

Application Rationalization and Application Portfolio Management

An assessment, workshops and/or consulting focused on rationalizing and optimizing the application portfolio by using a business lens to identify opportunities for improvement. Assessments can flag areas of application redundancy, risk potential, or areas where redesign and modernization should be considered.

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