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The Unexpected, Part 2: Preparation — Leveraging Business Architecture to Prepare for the Unexpected

By Whynde Kuehn | 20 April 2020

This is the second installment of a multi-part StraightTalk series on how business architecture can help an organization prepare for, respond to, recover from and build resilience for the unexpected. The unexpected may include an incident caused by an organization (e.g., an accident or data breach) or one that has happened to it (e.g., a […]

The Unexpected, Part 1: Response – Leveraging Business Architecture to Respond to the Unexpected

By Whynde Kuehn | 6 April 2020

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming. We are postponing our originally planned post to bring you this breaking series. We strive to keep StraightTalk relevant, timely, cutting edge and engaging. In light of the rapidly developing coronavirus pandemic, we believe a focus on leveraging business architecture to help organizations navigate the unexpected is highly valuable […]