5-Minutes with Josué Batista: How Business Architecture Can Help To Leverage Blockchain

4 January 2019

Whynde Kuehn interviews business and technology strategist Josué Batista on how business architecture can be used to leverage blockchain—an exciting emerging technology (also known as distributed ledger technology or DLT) that provides immutable data in a highly secure and encrypted manner for a host of industries and business applications.

5-Minutes with Raj Ramesh: Business Architecture and Artificial Intelligence

14 December 2018

Whynde Kuehn interviews Dr. Raj Ramesh on how business architecture can help organizations to leverage artificial intelligence (AI).

5-Minutes with Alex Randell: The Relationship Between Business Architecture and Agile

4 May 2018

Whynde Kuehn and Business Architect, Alex Randell, explore how business architecture and agile processes can work together for improved delivery of products and services.

5-Minutes with Linda Finley: How Business Models Work with Business Architecture

15 April 2018

S2E Founder, Whynde Kuehn, interviews Linda Finley on business models and business architecture.

5-Minutes with Mike Clark: The Connection Between Business Architecture and Customer Experience

16 November 2017

Whynde Kuehn interviews customer experience (CX)  guru Mike Clark on the interconnectedness of business architecture and CX.

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