5-Minutes with Linda Finley: How Business Models Work with Business Architecture

15 April 2018

S2E Founder, Whynde Kuehn, interviews Linda Finley on business models and business architecture.

5-Minutes with Mike Clark: The Connection Between Business Architecture and Customer Experience

16 November 2017

Whynde Kuehn interviews customer experience (CX)  guru Mike Clark on the interconnectedness of business architecture and CX.

5-Minutes with William Ulrich: How Business Architecture Drives IT Architecture Alignment and Transformation

4 November 2017

Whynde Kuehn interviews business architecture leader William Ulrich on how business and IT architecture relate in this StraightTalk podcast.

5-Minutes with Mike Rosen: Understanding Enterprise and Business Architecture

15 October 2017

Whynde Kuehn conducts a podcast interview with industry thought leader Mike Rosen on understanding enterprise and business architecture.

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