Seeing Is Believing, Part 1 – How Business Architecture Practices Can Leverage Presentation Design for Greater Success

Guest starring: James Jones

By Whynde Kuehn | 18 February 2019

Welcome to Part 1 of 3 within our visual and storytelling StraightTalk series. We are excited for these posts because we think they are fresh, fun and most importantly—highly relevant to business architecture. When we think about our business architecture practices, or even our competencies as business architects, we often focus on developing and using […]

The Stars Are Aligning: Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture Framework Alignment

Guest starring: Bryan Lail and Steve DuPont

By Whynde Kuehn | 4 February 2019

StraightTalk focuses on business architecture, but we know that our discipline is part of a larger entity — the enterprise architecture (EA) umbrella (see Posts No. 14 and No. 15). As a result, a strong partnership among every one of the architecture disciplines is critical for all of our success — and for the success […]

The Business Architecture Summit: A Vision For Business Architecture Practice Maturity and How To Get There

By Whynde Kuehn | 21 January 2019

Having a clear vision of what we are working towards is essential to guide and inspire any journey, so in this installment of StraightTalk, we explore a concept for what it means to be a mature business architecture practice, and how to get there. In other words, if we climb this business architecture mountain, what’s […]

You Complete Me: How Business Architecture and Business Process Fit Together

By Whynde Kuehn | 3 December 2018

In this installment of StraightTalk, we will explore another BFF of business architecture: business process. There is a great passion for both of these disciplines and how they work together. If we were using the Scoville Heat Index (a.k.a. chili pepper scale), this topic would be hot, hot, hot (say a Red Savina Habanero). These two […]

Being Disruptive: The Connection Between Business Architecture and Innovation

By Whynde Kuehn | 19 November 2018

In this installment of StraightTalk, we will explore an often overlooked bestie of business architecture: innovation. These two disciplines can and should team up to enable an organization to fully benefit from its innovation activities. Doesn’t business architecture get in the way of innovation and slow it down? No. The idea that business architecture and […]