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Business Architecture: Lessons from the Trenches

External Resource: Cutter Consortium (CutterBlog)

13 September 2017

Anne Mullaney, head of Cutter’s marketing and product development, reaffirms Whynde Kuehn’s recent webinar entitled, Business Architecture: Lessons from the Trenches, which reveals the success stories of six organizations that put business architecture to work with dramatic outcomes.

The Evolution of the Business Architect

External Resource: CIO from IDG

13 September 2017

The way we interact with business is changing, from online to offline. Organizations are going through fundamental upheaval. At the heart of this change is the business architect. This article, appearing in CIO online, IDG Communications leading business technology magazine, summarizes a white paper by Mike Clark and Whynde Kuehn with the same title. The full white paper is available for download.

Measuring Business Architecture Success

External Resource: Cutter Consortium

19 July 2017

One of the most frequent questions business architecture leaders and practitioners ask is about how to measure the success of a business architecture practice. How do we quantify it? How do we prove its value? This Advisor (available to Cutter members only) describes the benefits and challenges of measuring business architecture success and provides some practical approaches that can be used to accomplish this very important activity.

Creating a Great Business Architecture Team

External Resource: BA Institute

20 February 2017

Business architecture team structure, composition and advancement is top of mind as organizations establish their own internal business architecture practices. This article explores some of the most frequently asked questions including who to hire, how to find and create great business architects, and how many to hire. (Published by the BA Institute).

What Do Business Architects Do? Five FAQs

External Resource: Cutter Consortium

8 February 2017

There is a common set of questions burning in peoples’ minds when they think about the business architect role, whether they are new to the discipline or experienced but seeking to compare approaches. This Advisor (available to Cutter members only) addresses these important questions based on practical experience and best practices employed by a wide range of industries, organizations, and geographies. This article was selected by Cutter Consortium as the Top Intriguing Business & Enterprise Architecture Articles for 2017.