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Cornerstones of a Business Architecture Practice

External Resource: BA Institute

13 June 2016

Whether driven by top-down mandate or won through demonstrated bottom-up success, there is a point when business architecture achieves “enough” acceptance within an organization to formalize an internal practice. While there are many steps to take throughout the journey of establishing and maturing a business architecture practice, there are four cornerstones that when put into place, can accelerate the process and create significant clarity. (published by the BA Institute).

Lessons From The Pioneers: How To Build A Successful Business Architecture Practice

External Resource: An Association for All IT Architects (IASA)

18 January 2016

In an article published for IASA, author and business architect thought leader, Whynde Kuehn, identifies business architecture as the critical discipline for bridging the gap between strategy and execution. As a result, many organizations are establishing their own internal business architecture practices, which, some for some enterprises, can be a long and turbulent journey.

Communicating the Value of Business Architecture

External Resource: BA Institute

2 January 2016

Articulating the value of business architecture within our organizations is one of the most important things that we need to do and do well—the results of which can ultimately determine if business architecture is embraced and how it is positioned. However, this can be a real challenge and barrier to growth for many business architecture practices. Here are Do’s and Don’ts for communicating Business Architecture value. (Published by BA Institute).