5-Minutes with Sarah Greer: How Business Architecture Practices Can Leverage Graphic Recording and Facilitation For Greater Success – Part 1

5-Min With Sarah Greer

Whynde Kuehn interviews Sarah Greer on how business architecture practices can leverage graphic recording and graphic facilitation for greater success. Sarah Greer is an experienced collaborator with Fortune 100 companies that have undergone challenging, large-scale transformations—frequently in the face of organizational disruption. Utilizing extensively illustrated frameworks, Sarah supports corporate teams by designing meeting flows that emphasize appropriate environments to ensure successful and productive meeting outcomes.

During Sarah’s career, she has co-designed multi-client advisory boards and partner events to create a unique level of collaboration. Her visual designs and method for sharing and testing portfolio ideas have garnered engaging participation with energetic feedback. In several corporate executive briefings, Sarah helped to build new client engagement models that changed the conversation, giving rise to a customer-centric approach, which emphasized the clients’ genuine needs.

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