15-Minutes With Dr. Frank Granito: Digital Readiness and How Business Architecture Can Accelerate Preparedness

Enterprises are abuzz with digital transformation efforts but are all organizations ready to take on transformative efforts? Dr. Frank Granito, Chief Scientist at the Institute for Digital Transformation shares insights on readiness — the measurement of the preparedness of an organization to undertake digital transformation. Dr. Granito and S2E’s Whynde Kuehn explore how business architecture can play an important role in accelerating the digital readiness of your organization.


About Frank Granito

Frank is Chief Scientist, Partner, and Institute Fellow at the Institute for Digital Transformation. He has over 35 years of experience in the Information Technology field and also is the Founder and CEO of Granito & Associates. In his role as Chief Scientist, Dr. Granito has designed the evaluation tools and analytics for the Digital Readiness Framework to assist organizations as they transition and adapt to the Digital Age. Dr. Granito holds a Doctor of Management from the University of Maryland University College and his work in Organizational Culture resulted in a Culture Model and Assessment Instrument tailored to IT Service Management implementations. He has successfully implemented IT Service Management transformation solutions for Government and Commercial clients. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland University College Graduate School in the Masters of Project Management Program and is an Authorized Training Partner for ITIL and PMBOK.

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