10-Minutes With William Ulrich: How Business Architecture Can Help Organizations to Become A Cognitive Enterprise


In this featured StraightTalk podcast, Whynde Kuehn and business architecture guru, William Ulrich, explore how business architecture can enable the cognitive enterprise and ways organizations can begin the journey. Cognitive enterprise represents a shift in computing away from its traditionally programmatic approach to one that is probabilistic, where artificial intelligence and other transformative decision support play a leading role.

About William Ulrich

William Ulrich is President of TSG, Inc., President, Business Architecture Guild,® Cutter Consortium Fellow, and Business Architecture Associates (BAA) Partner. Bill mentors major corporations and government agencies worldwide, helping enable strategy realization and business / IT transformation via business architecture. He is author/co-author of three seminal books: Business Architecture: The Art and Practice of Business Transformation, Information Systems Transformation: Architecture-Driven Modernization Case Studies, and Legacy Systems: Transformation Strategies. Bill helped coalesce disparate forces and disciplines to move business architecture from an art to a science, driving mobilization of the Guild’s global business architecture community. He co-chairs OMG’s Architecture-Driven Modernization Task Force and is a Certified Business Architect (CBA).®

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