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S2E Brings a Business Architecture Perspective to Business Analyst Development Days

S2E Transformation was delighted to participate in the Business Analyst Development Days in Des Moines, IA and Albany, NY during May 2019 to create broader awareness and educate on the business architecture. S2E presented on business architecture and its role in end-to-end organizational agility in both Albany and Des Moines, as well as delivered a half-day workshop in Des Moines on From Zero to Business Architecture: Accelerating and Using Business Blueprints.

S2E emphasized the importance of building a strong partnership between the business architecture and business analysis disciplines, which is foundational for the success of any organization.

S2E founder and managing director, Whynde Kuehn, was honored to learn and exchange from some of the leading practitioners and thought leaders in the business analysis and extended community and she looks forward to an ongoing relationship through future events and community interactions.


Iowa and Albany Business Analyst Development Day (IBADD, ABADD) 2019 was held in Des Moines, IA and Albany, NY in May 2019. Inset: Whynde Kuehn, S2E presenter.