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European Business Architecture Innovation Summit and Business Architecture Transportation Reference Model Workshop

Whynde Kuehn, S2E Transformation Founder, Guild Co-Founder, and BAA Partner along with William Ulrich, President of TSG, Inc., Guild Co-Founder, and BAA Partner co-chaired during the European Business Architecture Innovation Summit and the Business Architecture Transportation Reference Model Workshop. Held in Brussels, Belgium on 6-8 June 2017 and sponsored by the Object Management Group and Business Architecture Guild, the combined three-day event featured business practitioners and experts from around the globe who shared a range of experiences and advanced the discipline of business architecture from a cross-section of industries including financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and utilities.

On 5 June, as Business Architecture Associates Partners, Kuehn and Ulrich presented a special half-day workshop designed to impart critical skills related to practice setup, value proposition, governance, blueprint creation, and interdisciplinary alignment for practitioners and managers who range in experience from novices to experts.

During the 5-6 June events, the two Guild co-founders co-chaired the Summit with presentations and panels delivered by business architecture practitioners. The emphasis of the two-day event was on how business architecture is leveraged and advanced as a discipline to align organizations’ strategic objectives with executional excellence.

On 8 June, Kuehn and Ulrich co-chaired the Business Architecture Guild transportation reference model workshop, where practitioners across industries, such as airlines, shipping, package delivery, and transit authorities converged to create new industry reference models for the transportation industry with a focus on value streams and a capability map.