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Architecting for Good in Malawi

S2E Founder and Managing Director, Whynde Kuehn spent October 15-19, 2018 in Malawi, Africa volunteering with the team from Yamba Malawi, a nonprofit organization. Yamba Malawi partners with local community members to transform the lives of children in the most vulnerable and impoverished regions in the world through community-led programs centered around childhood wellbeing, sustainable businesses, and financial management.

By implementing Kuehn’s passionate philosophy of applying an architecture mindset to help others, S2E engaged in week-long sessions with the Yamba Malawi team on a range of topics from leadership and teamwork principles to management and business skills. The team applied common business techniques in new contexts such as farming, poultry processing, beekeeping, and child care for orphans and vulnerable children.

S2E continues to appreciate the importance of individual leadership and solid organizational design that is applicable to all organizations – regardless of size, type or geography. We are proud of all that the Yamba Malawi team has achieved for their children and communities, and we thank them for the opportunity to give back and be a part of their vital journey. Zikomo Kwambiri! (Thank you!) — Whynde Kuehn

Yamba Malawi leadership

Yamba Malawi business Session