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Call for Papers: Architecture + Agile: The Yin & Yang of Organizational Agility

The ability of an organization to continually identify, assess and react to change quickly and effectively in response to major forces such as globalization and technology has moved from competitive advantage to essential for survival.

Driven by the realization that business agility is no longer an option for long-term survival, many organizations are looking to understand the depth of what this really requires and the most effective path for achieving it. This topic will be addressed in an upcoming issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal with Guest Co-Editor, Whynde Kuehn, S2E Transformation Founder and Cutter Senior Consultant.

Cutter is seeking articles that go beyond the technology and execution perspective and provide a rich, big picture, and business-focused perspective on what it means to be an agile organization and how to get there. Core to this discussion is the relationship between architecture and its role in overall organizational agility, as well as how it guides and relates to agile execution approaches. We welcome articles from experienced practitioners that can articulate a vision for an agile organization and how to balance the tension between agility and tradition, including evolving organizational structures and approaches to processes such as strategy formulation, where necessary.

Abstract submissions are now being accepted through June 18, 2018. Please send article ideas to Christine Generali and Whynde Kuehn, including an abstract and short article outline identifying major discussion points. Accepted articles will be due July 20, 2018. Final article length is typically 2,500-3,500 words plus graphics.

For editorial guidelines and complete submission details, please visit Cutter Consortium.